Introducing the Scala Rider G9x and G9x Powerset

The most feature-rich Bluetooth communication system for motorcyclists brought to you by Cardo Systems

The G9x is a available in a Single or Powerset. The PowerSet includes 2 pre-paired G9x units in one package!

Hit the road with friends and enjoy the ultimate social riding experience.

The G9x features 4-Way intercom conferencing so you can spontaneously talk
to 3 other riders at the same time.

The G9x also features “1+8” Intercom that enables you to connect via voice command to 8 additional riders within a range of up to 1 mile.

Use the Click-to-Link feature to pair to riders you meet along the way .

Pairing is fast and easy: Simply ‘bump' two G9x units together and you’re ready to hit the road!

Connect two mobile phones at the same time and talk hands-free.

When you want to rock out, stream your favorite music wirelessly from your bluetooth smartphone or MP3 player.

Listen to the same music with your passenger using the Music-Sharing™ feature enabling you both to enjoy stereo sound without any wires. An FM radio is also built right into the Scala Rider G9x.

With the unique Cardo Community® web platform, invite fellow bikers for a ride, plan and join tours, and personalize your G9x to get the most out your social experience.

When on the road, you can use Cardo’s exclusive SmartSet app to easily modify your G9x settings from any Bluetooth-enabled Android device.

Upgradable firmware will ensure you remain at the forefront of technology.

You can find all the Scala Rider G9x Accessories in our store and on our website