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Daytona Skull Cap Solids
Daytona Skull Cap Solids

Daytona Skull Cap Solids

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Daytona Helmets Skull Cap motorcycle helmets are some of the smallest and lightest DOT approved helmets in the world. It's part of our slimline, a sleek contoured Half shell design, that is available in a range of styles.

Skull Cap Helmets are for riders who don't want to sacrifice looks for protection. The extra low profile shell conforms to the shape of your head as much as possible while still meeting DOT standards. Eliminating the mushroom head look you get with other street legal helmets. Recessed trim enhances the sleek profile and the Skull Cap’s inverted contoured shape has a tapered rear edge that hugs your head for a much better look. A feature you won't see on other half shell helmets.
Skull Caps come in three different shelf sizes to make sure that every rider gets that proportionate fit. So, as your head gets smaller the helmet shell size get smaller too. Inside the customer informed interior is padded with moisture wicking fabric that keeps your head cooler and more comfortable during those longer rides. The nylon Y-strap retention system has a sliding adjuster that let you position your Skull Cap exactly where you want it. Once the feels right, a quick release lock retention keeps the helmet secured in place. Most of our Skull Caps Helmets come in sizes 3XS - 4XL.

When it comes to style, there are four families in the Skull Cap lineup. First up is the minimalist look, with your basic and custom colors. Most available with or without a removable snap on mini scoop visor.
You get the same option with the gray Carbon Fiber model, which uses real carbon fiber with the tightest weave, engineered for above standard performance.
Next is the Leather Covered option. Crafted with the finest New Zealand lamb hide for an authentic style. Also available with or without the visor.
Finally you have a variety of Graphic designs to choose from so you can nail down the unique, head turning look at that fits your personality. Every helmet in the Skull Cap lineup comes with A head wrap and a cloth drawstring bag.

Daytona helmets, leading the way in quality headgear.

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