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SMART HJC 20B Bluetooth Communication System by SENA
SMART HJC 20B control unit -matte black

SMART HJC 20B Bluetooth Communication System by SENA

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SMART HJC 20B Bluetooth Communication System
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Get ready to experience the ultimate in motorcycle communication with the SMART HJC 20B. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, advanced audio management, and water resistance, this headset is perfect for long rides.

Riding a motorcycle is an adrenaline-filled experience that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and hit the open road. However, communicating with other riders or your phone can be a challenge, especially on long rides. This is where the SMART HJC 20B comes in, the ultimate motorcycle communication system that offers a range of features to keep you connected and entertained on your rides.

Intercom Capability:
One of the standout features of the SMART HJC 20B is its intercom capability. With a range of up to 1600 meters, or approximately 1 mile, you can communicate with other riders without any interference. This makes it perfect for group rides where you need to coordinate with your riding companions.

Audio Management:
The SMART HJC 20B offers advanced audio management, allowing you to seamlessly switch between intercom, phone, music, and FM radio. The audio quality is HD crystal clear and natural, making it a pleasure to listen to your favorite tunes on long rides.

Noise Control:
Noise can be a major issue when it comes to motorcycle communication systems. The SMART HJC 20B solves this problem with its advanced noise control technology, ensuring that you can communicate clearly and effectively even in noisy environments.

Universal Intercom:
The SMART HJC 20B is a versatile motorcycle communication system, with the ability to intercom with other brand headsets. This makes it perfect for group rides, as you can communicate with riders regardless of the type of headset they are using.

Built-in FM Radio:
In addition to its communication capabilities, the SMART HJC 20B also has a built-in FM radio tuner with a station scan and save function. This allows you to tune into your favorite radio stations on long rides, making the time fly by.

Water Resistance:
The SMART HJC 20B is designed to withstand inclement weather, with water resistance making it perfect for riders who don't let a little rain get in the way of their adventures.

Remote Control Compatible:
The SMART HJC 20B is compatible with remote control, making it easy to control the headset while riding. This allows you to focus on the road while adjusting the volume, changing songs, or making phone calls.

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