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The J-Cruise II, SHOEI?ï?¾??s premium open-face helmet, features their latest technical advances to revolutionize the entire product design. The simplicity and freedom of the original open-face design has taken a leap forward with the addition of an inner sun visor. Further functionality and comfort is offered with a compact lightweight design and improved ventilation performance, in addition to SHOEI?ï?¾??s uncompromised safety. The evolution of the J-Cruise II will enhance your riding experience.

With the J-Cruise II, SHOEI has updated the design
with a modern and progressive look that is also more
compact than the previous model. Details such as the sun visor operating
mechanism, inner sun shield, and aerodynamic performance have been
refined. Additionally, all-new features such as micro-ratchet chin strap,
extended inner sun shield, and intercom-ready design have been adopted
for the new J-Cruise II.

The new J-Cruise II boasts better aerodynamics
largely due to the refined rear shape of the
helmet, which integrates a spoiler into the shell
design. The overall aerodynamic performance
has been improved over the previous model.
In-house wind tunnel tests confirm reductions
in lift, drag, and yawing.

The fabric used on the interior surface is a hybrid
between a moisture-absorbent, quick-drying material
and soft raised fabric. Moisture-absorbent and quickdrying material is used on areas that cover the cheeks
and brow where sweat tends to stick; soft raised fabric
is used on the parts that are close to where the skin
tends to rub against when the rider wears/removes
the helmet, offering greater snugness and optimum
comfort while worn.

On the J-Cruise II, SHOEI uses something more durable
for the leather-like material on the lower edge of the
cheek pad than before, adding a fabric pattern with
attention to detail.

The ventilation system of the J-Cruise II has been upgraded with an
additional intake hole which increases air intake by 30% over the
previous model. Additionally, the exhaust outlet has been reshaped
with a patent pending design, thus improving exhaust venting by 20%.
These systems have been thoroughly measured in SHOEI?ï?¾??s in-house
wind tunnel testing facility

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