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HJC RPHA 31 Open Face Helmet
HJC RPHA 31 Open Face Helmet

HJC RPHA 31 Open Face Helmet

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MSRP: $ $429.99
RPHA Series 2nd Generation
Part Number: 158314
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The RPHA 31 offers enhanced shock resistance and maximum protection thanks to its Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) Evo shell and multi-density EPS. Engineered for a quieter, more aerodynamic ride through extensive wind-tunnel testing, the sun-visor-equipped RPHA 31 decreases noise level and wind turbulence. The RPHA 31 will also accept the second generation of SMART HJC Bluetooth communication systems, allowing riders to stay connected and focused on the road ahead.

NEW SHELL MATERIAL including carbon-aramid fiber, carbon fiber, glass fiber, organic non-woven fabric, and natural linen fiber to provide enhanced Shock-Resistant performance for a more comfortable and lighter helmet.

The RPHA 31 has an extended shell & chin EPS to provide full face level fitting compared to classic open-face helmets. It also comes along with a brand new visor deflector that you can pull out and a visor holder to reduce noise, secures the visor, and block the incoming wind. Tested in the laboratory as well as in “real life” to meet the highest quality standards, HJC is one of the very few helmet companies equipped with its own state-of-the-art wind tunnel laboratory to test aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, and more.

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