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HJC i71 Sera Helmet
HJC i71 Sera Helmet

HJC i71 Sera Helmet

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Part Number: 58306-22-2
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The i71 pushes the boundaries for a Sport-Touring model with its new sleek shell design. The Advanced Polycarbonate helmet now has 3 shells throughout the 6 available sizes to help optimize weight and comfort for the rider. The rearranged top vent with enlarged mouth vents allows increased air intake and ventilation. Also new with the i71 are both face shield and sun visor. The HJ-38 Pinlock ready face shield comes with a new PE (Push/Eject) locking system for improved safety, yet still easy to use with gloves. The new sun visor (HJ-V12) provides a new 3-position option for the rider to adjust the sun shield forward (up to 10mm) delivering ideal sun visor protection. The i71 will also accept the second-generation Smart HJC Bluetooth systems.

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