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HJC i50 Flux Motocross Helmet
HJC i50 Flux Motocross Helmet

HJC i50 Flux Motocross Helmet

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MSRP: $ $189.99
Motocross Helmet
Part Number: 1581-0227-02
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HJC’s new off-road helmet is designed to create ease and comfort for the rider in an aggressive and attractive design.  A large, repositioned eye-port optimizes the view for downward visibility. Dual-position goggle band fitment adjusts for the rider’s comfort and preference.  The extended visor blocks sunlight and protects the rider from debris and is flexible to allow the material to bend instead of break. The tool-less, changeable mouth vent allows for easy cleaning.  “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation system allows full front to back airflow to flush heat and humidity up and out, while the SuperCool® Interior keeps the rider cool and fresh with moisture-wicking and antibacterial fabric that is removable and washable. The I 50 features SLID (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution), HJC’s impact distribution technology.

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