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Cardo Packtalk Edge Bluetooth Headset Intercom
Cardo Packtalk Edge Bluetooth Headset Intercom

Cardo Packtalk Edge Bluetooth Headset Intercom

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Cardo Edge Mesh Bluetooth Intercom
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The Cardo Packtalk Edge

Is the latest wireless Bluetooth motorcycle headset for hands-free communication on and off the road. 

Featuring new and improved connectivity and a slimmer, more durable design, the Packtalk Edge is here to improve the way you communicate with your companions. It lets you connect to up to 15 other riders at a time with a range of 1.6km/1 mi. 

It comes with our signature dynamic mesh communication (DMC) technology, which creates a direct link between you and every other rider in the group, so you don’t have to reset the connection every time someone falls out of formation. If you fall out of range, the device will automatically reconnect for a seamless riding experience. Need more privacy? Try the private chat feature to have a one-on-one conversation with a member of your group. 

Just like the rest of the Cardo line-up, the Packtalk Edge comes with speakers by JBL for improved sound quality. The new model features 40mm speakers that produce a clear, natural-sounding voice for more personal interactions. The volume will automatically adjust to your surroundings to keep you in the know. No adjustment is necessary. 

The device is waterproof and extremely lightweight. It’s also incredibly easy to install. Just bring the headset near the mount and it will automatically snap into place. It is easy to reposition and will stay securely attached throughout your trip for less hassle behind the wheel. 

Stay connected as a group and change the way you ride with the Cardo Packtalk Edge. 

Cardo riders can now seamlessly connect with Sena riders in their pack. Available on the Cardo Connect app for all Cardo units equipped with a 5.2 Bluetooth chip.

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