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Cardo Audio JBL Speaker Set 45mm
Cardo Audio JBL Speaker Set 45mm

Cardo Audio JBL Speaker Set 45mm

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Sound by JBL
The science of sound

Founded more than 70 years ago JBL has been a magnet for audiophiles of every generation. Over months, JBL acousticians, mechanical experts and software engineers have modified and optimized all audio elements of Cardo's intercom systems to deliver a whole new 45 mm set of the best sound ever in a motorcycle communication system.

The best fit

Achieving good audio quality inside a motorcycle helmet is demanding. The wind, the road, the engine and the type of helmet, all affect the frequencies you hear. With that in mind, these 45 mm speakers combine the sound only a large diameter driver can provide, with a narrow, 42 mm base that can fit almost every modern helmet.

Join the sound revolution

With a standard 3.5mm jack, these speakers fit practically any communicator on the market, no matter what brand. Owners of Cardo FREECOM and PACKTALK series will enjoy extra boost with new JBL sound processor and firmware. Not a FREECOM or PACKTALK owner? No worries: this powerful hardware will still drive your headset audio performance to new heights.

* JBL sound processor already exists in the product

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