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Venture Soft Shell Battery Heated Women's Vest

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Venture Heats Softshell Heated Vest for women is a one of the most versatile pieces in our product line. The modern style of the heated vest paired with our active XCT heat-on-demand feature pampers you with the best of both worlds: style & comfort. With 4 flexible heating panels, 2 in the back and 1 on each chest, your core is sure to stay warm for hours without restricting any range of motion.  

The XCT heating technology utilizes one rechargeable battery as its power source to power the 4 heating panels to provide heat to your core. With the built-in temperature controller (power button), you control your personalized microclimate.

Contemporary style in wind-cutting, breathable soft-shell renders this versatile vest the ultimate cozy layering piece for warding off the chill during cold days.

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