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Venture 12V Heated Jacket Liner w Wireless Remote
Venture 12V Heated Jacket Liner w Wireless Remote

Venture 12V Heated Jacket Liner w Wireless Remote

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Heats up in under 10 seconds!  Venture Heats Motorcycle Deluxe Heated Grand Touring Jacket Liner is a dream come true for any motorcycle rider taking on the elements.  The heated jacket liner features an integrated wireless controller that easily mounts on your vehicle for simple and safe microclimate control with 3 heat settings.  The micro-alloy fiber heating elements are strategically placed around the entire back, around the collar, both sleeves and both sides of the chest for maximum heating performance.

This lightweight mid-layer powersports heated jacket liner is weather resistant so it's safe to use in both snow and rain.  Its form-fitting design allows you to replace your existing jacket liner while still maintaining high comfort and mobility levels.

*When using our heated Jacket Liner and Pants at the same time, we highly recommended using the Y-spillter to protect your fuse.*

Quick Heat
With heat on demand in under 10 seconds and heating panels located on both sleeves, the collar, back and both chest panels, the Grand Touring Jacket Liner is sure to keep you entire upper body warm and comfortable for hours.


Wireless Controller
After the easy installation on your handlebars you will be able to control a microclimate with a simple touch of the button, without taking your eyes off the road.



Elastic Side PanelsThe elastic flex-panels on each side of the heated jacket liner allows flawless fit for under your riding jacket staying close to your body for extra warmth.



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