There was a time - not so long ago - that a motorcycle rider would put on his helmet and be 100 percent satisfied with the sound of his engine rumbling and the wind rushing past his face. It was simple, pure and totally natural. It was our own little private motorcycle Nirvana, and membership did indeed have its privileges. Then came the mobile electronics movement, and by movement, we really mean full-scale assault on our senses. Computers became part of everything, and it seemed as if the tales of Skynet taking over were coming true, one iPad and smartphone at a time.

The motorcycle world wasn't immune to this electronics revolution. Harley Davidson, that bastion to the manliest of manly road warriors, started equipping their new bikes, with onboard computers, GPS units and literally every other device that could possibly be powered by a microchip. Fatboys became Techboys, Soft Tails became hardwired, and that throaty roar of the exhaust was quickly replaced by whatever song was playing on your Pandora stream. CB radios were built into handlebars and the world of the wrench was conquered by the multimeter.

It didn't stop with the motorcycles themselves either. Motorcycle helmets became the new sanctuary of bluetooth units, embedded speakers and more. Don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with the infusion of technology into our motorcycle paradise, and if you're the type who enjoys a leisurely cruise down the highway while listening to your favorite music, then more power to you. Do yourself a favor though, and occasionally turn off the tech, crank the throttle and just listen to the sound of your bike. It may sound a little old school, but sometimes we all need a little refresher course in Motorcycle Enjoyment 101.