When you are just starting out, you know among the essentials you’ll need are motorcycle boots. So you read up on them, talk to friends and try to gather as much information as you can on the subject. You’ve probably seen a few styles that look great, and if you could wind up with good-performing boots on looks alone, you’d be set. As it is, even purchasing the right boot can be challenging to a novice.

In the beginning, it’s going to be difficult determining just what gear will work best for you. It’s probably not the best idea to listen to well-meaning friends, whose advice is usually worth what you paid for it. And really, you’re not going to know what you need until you have had some time riding, as a motorcycle does not offer the most comfortable ride in the world. Once you’ve had some time stuck in one position while leaning over, vibrating everywhere, wind battering you on the head, etc...you will be better able to know what you want in your gear. Then consider other conditions like weather, rain, fog, and what about how the gear will hold up in a crash?

You may go into a store and buy the first boot that feels really comfortable on your foot. The truth is, any boots you need for motorcycle riding aren’t going to be very comfortable when not motorcycle riding, You’ll need some expert help from a reputable source that can help you to start the right way, so that you don’t become weary from all the work and just end up going with wearing the bare minimum that the law requires. A lot of beginners end up doing just this.

Motorcycle boots feature specific design elements that prevent your boots from coming off in an accident, which translates into the boots being a little difficult to put on and take off. Just notice the extra Velcro closures at the top of the boot. Most folks will resist making the extra effort and just go with something easy, which is a mistake. Laces are a real problem when not covered on these boots, as they can get caught on parts of the bike. And while you want flexibility from your street shoes, it’s the last thing you would want from your boots.

Good motorcycle boots will have braces that prevent flexing and twisting, and they’ll have special pads and guards that will absorb energy upon impact. Consider whether you’ll be riding in inclement weather, in which case you’ll want boots that keep you dry.

The bottom line is, go for what’s proven to be the best features for your protection, and use comfort as a guide when you’re buying bedroom slippers and walking shoes. You’ll be glad you did...eventually!