There are many things which make SHOEI Helmets one of the best values on the market today, for both motorcycle owners and for motocross enthusiasts. If you need a new motorcycle helmet you should consider Shoei brands, this company has earned the reputation as a provider of top tier motorcycle helmets that offer the highest level of comfort… and for good reason. This Japanese firm has produced new helmets with regularity. This industry leader has offered an affordable helmet that is comfortable and perfect for street riding applications.

Some of their designs have been engineered by professionals to provide long range comfort. The company now offers improved aerodynamics for wind tunnels which means that the helmets you use will reduce wind noise but will not block out the informative sounds you need to hear when you are out on the road. The newer helmets like the Qwest offer a 2.2 decibel reduction compared to older models - this is a forty percent decrease. The new aerodynamic research put into these new helmets have also influenced the shape of the helmets which done a shell spoiler.

When you wear these new Shoei helmets on the road you won’t hear anything that you don’t want to. There is a neck roll which fits you very snugly and a chit skirt which is removable and is responsible for removing the brunt of the wind noise you would otherwise be subjected to. There is no tiresome buffeting when you wear these helmets for long trips. If you experience any jamming effects it is likely the fault of windscreens on your motorcycle and not the helmet. These new designs are perfectly suited for any rider and are well worth the newly reduced prices compared to other less aerodynamic helmets on the market today.