When it comes to motorcycle helmets and bluetooth devices, there are three types. There are helmets that the manufacturers have pre installed bluetooth headsets. There are helmets that the manufactures make “Bluetooth Ready” and promote a specific brand of bluetooth headsets. Then there’s your helmet, with no headset. Which should you choose? What is the best Investment? Twenty Two years of selling helmets gives us some insight we would like to share.

If you make an investment in a helmet with a built in bluetooth system, you may pay a little extra for the design and installation process.. The cost of the bluetooth system, about half, will be lost when the helmet is no longer serviceable. That is after the helmet is 3- 5 years old or is impacted in a crash.

The “Bluetooth Ready” Helmets can have a sleeker profile. There is usually a recession in the helmet shell where the bluetooth module fits. But beware, manufactures have been known to change up their design. This years model may not be compatible with models 3-5 years later when it is time to replace your motorcycle helmet. If you wanted to stay with that same brand of helmet, you would need to upgrade to the latest bluetooth system.

Adding an Bluetooth Headset to a regular helmet may be the best investment. They are still sleek in design and are packed with features. If your helmet is compromised, or if it is time to replace your helmet, your bluetooth headset can be transferred to your replacement helmet. If have more than one helmet, you can purchase additional mic and speaker set for about $40. You can then swap the bluetooth module on the helmet you wanted to wear that day.

Sena and Scala Rider are brands that offer high quality bluetooth headsets that can be installed on your existing helmet or any helmet found on our website. Look for Motorcycle Helmets.

If money is not an object, a built in bluetooth system can have some advantages. Before you make a purchase, check out what your friends are using. If you want to communicate with other riders in your group, what brand they use can sway your decision.