Motorcycle Helmets Advancements: Sharing the news with local Emergency Personnel

The owners of the Helmet Shop paid a visit to Volusia County's EVAC Ambulance Service, the Daytona College Paramedic Class and then met up with the Halifax Hospital Trauma Center Training Coordinator to showcase the advancements in motorcycle helmet design.

Bill Harbison and Bart DiMaria from the Helmet Shop spent the day educating local Emergency Medical Personnel about the advancements in motorcycle helmet technology. Their demonstration consisted of the Emergency Quick Release Cheek Pad systems and some innovative helmet designs that allow quick access to an injured riders airway.

The Quick Release Cheek Pad technology allows emergency personnel to quickly and safely remove a motorcycle helmet from an injured riders head without compromising their neck or head. Brightly colored tabs at the base of the motorcycle helmet are indicators that the cheeks pads can be removed allowing the rescuers easy access to the injured riders airway.

Modular helmets and motorcycle helmets with removable jaws were part of today's demonstration. A modular helmet is sometimes referred to as a Flip Up helmet because the front jaw piece flips up. When the jaw piece is up and out of the way, it makes it easier to access the motorcyclist's airway and remove the helmet if necessary.

Helmets with removable front jaws like the Nolan N-44 and the LS2 569 Outlaw, also provide easy access for the paramedics and their crew when time is crucial.

Lieutenant Mike Avalone, Director of Training at Volusia County's EVAC Ambulance Center was excited to see a local business like The Helmet Shop sharing information that may someday save a life. Lieutenant Avalone called over several of the on duty Emergency Personnel to view what The Helmet Shop had to demonstrate.

The need for today's EMTs and Paramedics to get an up close look at what is new in the motorcycle industry was something The Helmet Shop owners considered necessary. Daytona College's Paramedic Instructor Ken Moorhouse welcomed the opportunity for his students to see first hand what they may soon come across in the field. He asked that The Helmet Shop continue their efforts by revisiting his next group of paramedic students.

Kevin Captain of Halifax Hospital's Trauma Center took several photos of the demonstration to be used in his upcoming Motorcycle Emergency Training sessions for his personnel before this upcoming Biketoberfest event in Daytona Beach. Mr. Captain also welcomed Bill and Bart back to participate in the training.

Sharing with the Emergency Medical community was an exhilarating experience. One that The Helmet shop owners were proud to be a part of and will continue in the future.

For more information about the products that included in the demonstration call The Helmet Shop at 386-257-6434 or visit