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LS2 Valiant II Helmet
LS2 Valiant II Silver

LS2 Valiant II Helmet

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Valiant II
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LS2 Valiant II 180 degree Flip Front Modular

Motorcycle Helmet is the most versatile helmet on the market today.
The designers at LS2 took a popular concept, 180 degree flip, and designed a totally new and unique 
mechanism, allowing the Valiant II to be the smallest, lightest helmet of its kind on the market.

Building upon the success of the original Valiant, LS2 has again pushed the envelope of technological development. 
A newly designed chin bar mechanism is smaller and slimmer than the original, making for a more aerodynamic shell. 
The Valiant II retains all of the features and functions of the original Valiant, but with a new more modern look.

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