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LS2 MX471 Carbon Xtra
LS2 MX471 Carbon Xtra

LS2 MX471 Carbon Xtra

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Vintage cool. Visionary performance. The LS2 Xtra fuels the fire of the retro rider with advanced materials and cutting edge performance. Built around a classic shell shape, the Xtra adds state-of-the-art shell materials, performance fabrics, and high-end build quality. Built for the few. If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.

The classic, vintage MX shape is enhanced and complimented by the use of carbon fiber. Lightweight. Energy dispersing. Tough. Beautiful. The wide eye port accommodates most popular goggles (not included). The carbon fiber peak enhances the look, and a longer, flexible peak is included for when the going gets rough. LS2 uses 3 shells for the smallest, lightest possible helmet in your specific size.

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