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Icon Squad 2 Backpack
Icon Squad 2 Backpack

Icon Squad 2 Backpack

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SQUAD II PACK The Squad II backpack features unique reflective upper arm straps for increased visibility. Its unique comfort-fit chest closure system allows for a greater coverage area of reflective material while also securing the backpack in a way that is superior to standard shoulder straps when riding. The Squad II has an array of external pockets and compartments. Specifically, a secure 15" laptop carry compartment, and an mp3 player/cell phone compartment with ear bud cord management system. In addition, port and starboard wing compartments are designed for tool and first aid storage. When off the bike, the Squad II is configured to deploy a helmet storage compartment and has several tie-down straps, allowing riding jackets and gloves to be secured. All of this results in a highly-specialized riding specific pack system with the attitude of a high-altitude jump rig.

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