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IMC Motorcom Half Helmet Headset

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The iMC Motorcom ear pocket half helmet headset builds on the success of the 40 series headset. The 70 series headset for 7 Pin Harley Davidson audio systems will allow use of CB radio, stereo and intercom. The 70 series half helmet headset was designed for maximum comfort, style and performance. Be warned the 70 series half helmet headset is so comfortable you may not want to stop riding!

The kit comes complete with a 7 pin lower cord and upper headset. Included with the headset are 2 - 30mm speaker drivers, a sturdy Velcro mounted microphone and genuine leather mounting pouches. The pouches slide easily between the shell and liner of the helmet.


  • Fits 1998 and newer Harley Davidson (Ultra Classic) with advanced audio system
  • Slim fit 30mm speakers (detachable)
  • Heavy duty Velcro mounted microphone
  • Genuine leather speaker pouches are easily removed when not in use
  • 7 Pin coiled cord with waterproof firewire connector


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