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ICON 1000 Axys Jacket
Axys 1000 Jacket

ICON 1000 Axys Jacket

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Its hard to tell which side of the tracks is the wrong side when youre standing on top of them. The 1000 Axys leather jacket doesnt keep tabs on those sorts of things; it has your back no matter what. When things go sideways you can count on its 1.1-1.3mm TrackSpec? leather. Chest vents, combined with perforations, provide plenty of flow while the removable quilted liner quickly adjusts to any riding condition. Internal D3O® impact protectors (shoulder, elbow, and back) complete the package. The chain-stitched chest logo lets the Socs know you roll with 1000 and are not to be messed with. The streets are mean, be mean back.

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