EMT Students Participate in Motorcycle Helmet Demonstration
The Helmet Shop is continuing their efforts to educate the EMS Community about the advancements in motorcycle helmet technology. New features like quick release cheek pads and removable chin bars can make a huge difference in how easy it is to remove a helmet from an injured riders head.

Some good points were brought up during the presentation to the EMT students. Instructor Tim Trorian mentioned that an injured rider that has remained conscious will have already removed their helmet before the EMS get to the scene. EMTs and paramedics should always take the motorcycle helmet with the rider when transferred to the hospital.

If the injured rider is unconscious, it is recommended that only trained professional attempt to remove the motorcycle helmet.

The motorcycle helmet can tell a story as to what impact the rider may have has to their head. The trauma center gathers this information to be included in studies to help strengthen helmet laws and methods to keep motorcyclists safe in the future.

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