Choosing the right motorcycle luggage for your trip is determined by a variety of factors. Consider the length of the trip, the amount of storage space you need and the weather conditions that are expected during the trip. Short trips often only require saddle bags or tank bags, while longer trips often require larger tail bags or tool bags. 

When you are selecting the best motorcycle luggage for your trip, consider the amount of storage you need. If you are packing for a weekend getaway, tool bags and tail bags are ideal. Smaller road trips that do not require extra storage space are fine with smaller tank bags or saddle bags. 

The material that you select is an important part of selecting the right luggage for your trip. Leather bags are weather-resistant and provide various levels of storage space. They are easily removed, making them an ideal temporary storage solution. 

Hard-shell storage containers provide ultimate weather protection. If you are expecting any amount of rain during your trip, hard-shell containers are the best storage solution for the most protection. Some are easily removed, while others provide a more permanent storage solution. 

Look for luggage that provides the right amount of storage, offers protection against the weather and that is removable if you are not looking to add permanent luggage to your bike. 

There are a variety of luggage options available for your motorcycle. The luggage solutions are easily fitted to any style of bike. If you plan to travel a lot on your motorcycle, consider investing in hard-shell containers for the best overall protection. Always check the snaps and straps on your luggage before any trip to ensure they are in good condition and ready for the road.