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BELL Bullitt Gloss White Helmet
BELL Bullitt Gloss White Helmet

BELL Bullitt Gloss White Helmet

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MSRP: $ $419.95
BELL Bullitt Gloss White
Part Number: 252-756-224
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The Bullitt is an iconic product, a helmet rooted in a storied past mixed with a style and design that could best be described as retro-future. Inspired by the legendary Bell Star helmets of the 60s and 70s but speaking a modern design language, the Bullitt became an instant classic the moment it hit the streets. We use only the highest-quality ingredients, right down to the last stitch of its genuine leather interior, to create this functional work of art. Available in fiberglass composite and featuring many shield options to further customize this one-of-a-kind helmet. No matter what, how, or where you ride, the Bullitt is in a class by itself. Includes Clear faceshield.

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