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Hurricane IRMA Relief

Use the Coupon Code : IRMA during check out.

The Crew at The Helmet Shop would like to thank you for your continued patronage. It is during times like these when your support for our small business means the most.

Hurricane Irma swept across the State of Florida leaving a path of devastation. Many homes and businesses were damaged from flooding and hurricane force winds. Approximately 75 percent of all Florida Power and Light customers experienced power outages.

When a storm of this magnitude approaches, residents of the State of Florida start to prepare for the worst. Most people are not concerned with purchasing non essential items like motorcycle helmets and accessories and are spending their money on plywood, water, gas and food.

The Helmet Shop stayed open as long as we could, giving our employees time to take care of their homes and family. We closed the doors Friday afternoon and were not able to reopen until the following Thursday when power was restored. We were fortunate that our shop was spared any damages or flooding. However, being without income for a week makes a difficult and stressful time even worse.

We are having an after hurricane sale in hopes to make up for some of the lost income during the storm.

If you use the coupon code of: IRMA during the checkout process, will deduct an additional 10% off all participating brands.

Thank you again for supporting our small business and hope to see you in October for Biketoberfest.