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SHOEI CWR-1 RF-1200 Photochromic Shield
SHOEI CWR-1 RF-1200 Shields

SHOEI CWR-1 RF-1200 Photochromic Shield

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MSRP: $ $169.99
Part Number: 0209-9755-00

CWR-1 SHIELD The RF-1200’s CWR-1 shield provides a vast field of vision that rivals helmetless peripheral. In addition to protecting against 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, the CWR-1 shield offers a distortion-free view throughout the entire range thanks to SHOEI’s 3D injection-molding process. Additionally, innovative new ribs on the top and bottom edge of the shield improve rigidity and eliminate the bending that may occur from wind pressure and during the opening and closing process, and an improved shield locking mechanism rounds out SHOEI’s most advanced shield system to date. Pinlock® ANTI-FOG SYSTEM The all-new RF-1200 comes equipped with a Pinlock® Fog-Resistant System, offering the most effective anti-fog protection in existence. A simple, one-step installation process makes every Pinlock® lens easy to install.

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