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Helmet Repair and Maintenance

Posted by Bill Harbison on 12/19/2013 to New Motorcycle Gear
Did you know the The Helmet Shop can help you repair and maintain your helmet? After all, your helmet is designed to last three to five years depending on the quality of helmet and how well it is maintained. We stock a variety of replacement parts and accessories to help fix and maintain your helmet. We can replace your scratched face shield, base plates, interior liner and cheek pads, cords for your headsets, microphone covers, missing screws and more. Most of your top shelf brands like Shoei Helmets, Arai Helmets and Nolan Helmets carry a 5 year manufacture warranty against defects. We are now seeing some more mid to low price range brands like LS2 Helmets backing their helmets with a five year warranty. If the repair falls under the manufacture warranty, there is no cost to you. The manufactures supply us with miscellaneous parts in the event we need to do an on the spot fix. Once your helmet reaches the 5 year point, parts and accessories become harder to get. The distributors stop stocking the parts for helmets that are now considered to older than the recommended shelf life according to the Motorcycle Safety Association. You can always call ahead to check if we have the parts needed to repair your helmet or the replacement shield for you helmet model.We can let you know if we have the items in stock or if we have to order them in. In most cases, the items can be to our shop in 2 -3 business days. Our number is 1-800-630-6434.

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