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Arai CT-Z Helmets
Arai CT-Z Helmets


Arai CT-Z Helmets

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With a longstanding tradition of improving on what works, and not just change for the sake of change alone, the new CT-Z uses the XC-RAM model as its foundation, adding to its long list of coveted features and benefits of a peak/shield combination. The main focus of the new CT-Z is to provide a peak that works with the shield for riders who ride into the sun for extended periods of time. A perfect choice for commuters, cruisers, and casual riders alike, the CT-Z combines comfort, style and safety into one convenient helmet. The interior pads are fully removable, and are made of a wicking material to help draw the sweat away from your face. Vents and a fixed air wing work in combination to keep steady airflow through the helmet while stabilizing it at the same time. In addition, this helmet is both DOT and Snell certified, making it one of the safest 3/4 helmets on the market today.

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